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    Path Planning Using Non-Euclidean Metric
    Edvards Valbahs
    In order to achieve the wide range of the robotic application it is necessary to provide iterative motions among points of the goals. For instance, in the industry mobile robots can replace any components between a storehouse and an assembly department. Ammunition replacement is widely used in military services. Working place is possible in ports, airports, waste site and etc. Mobile agents can be used for monitoring if it is necessary to observe control points in the secret place. The paper deals with path planning software for mobile robots. The aim of the research paper is to analyze motion-planning algorithms that contain the design of modelling software. The software is needed as environment modelling to obtain the simulation data. The simulation data give the possibility to conduct the wide analyses for selected algorithm. Analysis means the simulation data interpretation and comparison with other data obtained using the motion planning. The results of the careful analysis were considered for optimal path planning algorithms. The experimental evidence was proposed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the algorithm for steady covered space. The results described in this work can be extended in a number of directions, and applied to other algorithms.
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