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    Security Protocols Analysis in Relation to Information Structures Protection
    The concept of information warfare encompasses the use of information and communication technologies to gain an advantage over a potential opponent. The information warfare is the manipulation with the information that trusts the goal, so that the goal should make decisions about its interests in the interests of opponents. Information structures are treated as systems that process different types of information, provide storage and access to users. Such structures may enclose neural networks, self-learning systems etc. They need to be ready to learn, respond to threats and ensure their safety, which is topical in today's information warfare. The paper will examine theoretical aspects of ensuring the security of information structures from the system theory point of view. The description of information structures, analysis of their security protocols will be given. The knowledge base of the information structure can be a neural network, the training of which is secured from external interference. The research presents a description of a potential counteraction against the threats of information warfare against information systems (AI based on artificial neural networks). The CORAS methodology for risk analysis in case of threats to information structures was discussed.