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    The application of simulated annealing method for optimal route detection between objects
    (2019) ;
    Jurijs Musatovs
    Vladimir Golenkov
    A shortcut search between different objects is one of the classic optimization goals. Simulated Annealing algorithms are often used for optimization purposes. The Simulated Annealing method is applied in combinatorial optimization tasks. Simulated Annealing is a stochastic optimization method that can be used to minimize the specified cost function given a combinatorial system with multiple degrees of freedom. The application of Simulated Annealing method and Travelling Salesman Problem is demonstrated in this paper and an experiment aimed to find the shortest route between Belarusian processing enterprises is performed. The paper also provides mapping of these objects using GPS location. The main goal of the paper is to show the possibilities of applying mathematical models in solving practical tasks - to determine the shortest route between the different objects.
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