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IPTV Statistic Data Collection, Processing and Preparation for use in a Modeling System

2015, Vjaceslavs Dubovskis, Teilāns, Artis, Nikolajs Visockis

Abstract Today most people get information from a TV. Trust level for television is very high and this kind of media can strongly influence public opinion. To research content watched on TV or public opinion, questioning and other methods are used today and respondents know about the research process. This knowledge forces people to give untruthful answers, because sometimes they don’t want to share their thoughts. This kind of research result is not satisfactory and conclusions can create misconceptions. Fast development of IPTV gives new opportunities for research using collected statistics. To make research legal, all statistical data must be anonymous. If a TV watcher doesn’t think that he has to make a choice, he will watch TV content he is interested in. At the moment there is no one united standard for collecting and processing IPTV statistical data. Each vendor handles data differently. Some solutions do not allow collecting data about watched TV channels and programs. In this paper the author will present a possible, universal method for data collection in a variety of IPTV networks, and different types of streaming and Middleware.