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    Domain specific language for securities settlement systems
    Ojars Krasts
    Arnis Kleins
    Actual problems during design, implementation and maintenance of securities settlement systems software are achieving complementarity of several different, connected, asynchronously communicating settlement systems and verification of this complementarity. The aim of this paper is to create domain specific language for modeling of settlement systems and their interactions. Then use models to calculate settlement systems behavior. Specific of settlement systems requires that they perform accordingly to business rules in any situation. This makes use of model checking a very desirable step in development process of settlement systems. Defining a domain specific language and creating editor supporting it is a first step to enable use of model checking techniques. Created models also can be used as input for other analysis methods and tools, for example, basis path testing, simulation and as base for deriving test cases
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    Machine Learning Technology Overview In Terms Of Digital Marketing And Personalization
    (2021-04-29) ;
    Nikolajeva, Anna
    The research is dedicated to artificial intelligence technology usage in digital marketing personalization. The doctoral theses will aim to create a machine learning algorithm that will increase sales by personalized marketing in electronic commerce website. Machine learning algorithms can be used to find the unobservable probability density function in density estimation problems. Learning algorithms learn on their own based on previous experience and generate their sequences of learning experiences, to acquire new skills through self-guided exploration and social interaction with humans. An entirely personalized advertising experience can be a reality in the nearby future using learning algorithms with training data and new behaviour patterns appearance using unsupervised learning algorithms. Artificial intelligence technology will create website specific adverts in all sales funnels individually.