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    Atis Kapenieks
    With the recent hit of the Pandemic study process is shifted to E-learning. Measuring the actual progress of a student in Asynchronous e-learning because of machine-human interaction and feedback is also considered a primary issue in this area. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, computers can capture surroundings. Image processing is a rising technique in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Recognition of an individual's emotion helps identify the person's inner state. It is easy to measure a student's feedback about the session by doing it. The main functionality of this project is to capture the student's enough frames during the study session and provide the analysis of the average emotions to the administration panel. This prototype was used on 10 minutes of lecture to capture the emotion. The primary goal of this proposed system is to capture the learner's emotion at a specific interval during the e-learning session and provide the feedback of it to the instructor.