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    Silver Nanoparticles - Preparation Methods and Anti-Bacterial/Viral Remedy Impacts against COVID 19
    (2021) ;
    Risham Singh Ghalot
    Silver has been an influential segment of pharmaceutical utilization for remedies & hygiene in the latest era. The first topic reviews the study on air sanitization ventilation & air sanitizer systems using laser ablated silver nanoparticles (inspired by 2020 Pandemic) directing to contamination of deadly biological particles. Intention of this investigation is to validate possible antiviral silver nanoparticles construction to be distributed by retention, to abate the aggravation of breathing organs flu. The underlying description of investigation consists of bibliometric reasoning of the review of the outcome of silver nanoparticles on the sterilization of viral ailments. The investigation will deliberate the approach of use of laser ablated silver nanoparticles for anti-actions. The chapter outcomes in the fascinating utilization of silver nanoparticles for pharmaceutical purposes for contagious diseases, viruses or bacteria and devotes to the upgradation of therapeutic education to safeguard health care workers from threatening viruses at therapeutic organizations. Morally, the investigation will obtain a hygienic scheme, which might be installed at every communal or individual places cost-effectively including silver nanoparticles (because of their therapeutic properties). The second section of investigation considers distinct techniques for manufacturing silver nanoparticles. The various schemes have been compared based on their pros & cons. The method of laser ablation for generating nanoparticles underwater is briefed. The intention of this part is to disclose the current & anticipation probabilities of the process - laser ablation, as a profitable and eco-favorable innovation for manufacturing silver nanoparticle in liquid solutions. The chapter is motivated by two of our reviewed papers i.e., “Antibacterial and anti-viral effects of silver nanoparticles in medicine against covid 19” and “Methods for obtaining silver nanoparticles”.